Iveren (Ivy) Abiem


Iveren (Ivy) Abiem is a lecturer in botany at the University of Jos and is overseeing the establishment and enumeration of the ForestGEO forest monitoring plot at Ngel Nyaki. Ivy travels from Jos on a regular basis to ensure all is going according to plan.

Ivy is interested in understanding the forces governing the structure and dynamics of plant communities in Afromontane forests especially in the light of global climate change. She studies the long term effects of dispersal on plant recruitment at both population and community level and investigates what accounts for plant diversity in Afromontane Forests.

Ivy is a 2015 A.G. Leventis Foundation Fellow. She earned her MSc in Conservation Biology at the A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute and her BSc (Hons) in Plant Science and Technology, both at the University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria. Ivy is planning to start her PhD in Ecology with a focus in Forest Ecology.